giovedì 29 giugno 2017

Summer is in the air...


"I tried to give to this Unicorn an aura of shyness and kindness by giving her a cute expression with her blushing cheeks and her long eyelashes.
I also wanted to celebrate Summer using warm colors. ^_^ IHIHIH!
I thought of a pajama with this image on (you can see the prototype below).... I really want it! *__*
Prototipo Pigiama Unicorno01
(PS: I found the Pattern that decorate the pajama on internet years ago... don't remember where, though! :P)
Hope that you like it! ;)
Tecniques used: ink & PC"

mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

Mushrooms and glow...

Cavallino alato01

" In the wake of "winged horses and unicorns", here you find another little one who is relaxing on a mushroom, watching moths and fireflies dancing in the dark.
I tried to give a magical atmosphere with strange plants and lots of glows. ^_^

Techniques used: ink & PC"

"I recently tried to use also this work for a pair of Sneakers... Simply Magical! HIHIHIHI! ^_^"


martedì 27 giugno 2017

Pattern and personal ideas! ^_^

"As I said in the previous post, I would love to create objects that have my unicorns and winged horses on them.
For this reason, I designed a pattern with all of this cute creatures in a chaotic way. Of course I'll probably make more patterns, this is only the beginning! ;)

So, I thought: how about imagine a pair of "Converse" (of course I took the image of "Converse" in the internet) with this pattern, for examples? Would you buy something like this?  I'd love to!!! ^_^ <3
Tecnique used: PC."

Unicorn sneaker01

Unicorn sneaker02

Colorful Unicorns & Winged Horses

Unicorni e Cavallini alati01

"In the last weeks I only drew Unicorns and winged horses of every type and color in a simple - and cute! *__* - way...
It all happened because my sister told me that she wanted to celebrate her daughter's birthday using Unicorns as party theme, and asked if I was able to help her with the decorations...
...So, I started by drawing some few tiny Unicorns and then I continued with the winged horses.
... Now I like them so much that I would love to make a collections of objects and clothes (first of all pajamas.... because I really have a thing for pajamas! XD) about them! This would be a dream! <3
These are the main type that I drew so far... As you can see their wings are of different type of animals and insects.
Drawing them is so fun! :D

Tecniques used: ink and PC"

venerdì 2 giugno 2017

Puppies in the garden

Cane e Gatto01
"I drew those two by taking the hint from my current dog and my former cat, imagining them as puppies.
I'm going to turn them into two little painting to hang on my kitchen wall...well, this was the first idea... I still don't know if I'm really going to do so! :P EHEHE!

Tecniques used: colored pencils & watercolors."