venerdì 26 gennaio 2018

Colouring illustration!


"Lately I had the chance to hear again two of my best friends in High School. It took me back to those nostalgic! ;(
It remembered me the days where I used to draw every sort of fantasy creatures and then they colored them for me. I had so much fun!!! ^_^
I notice that nowadays adult colouring books are pretty popular, so I decided to try to create an image that could be fun to color! :D
If anyone is interested, just save the image and have fun to color it!
I'd love to see the result! ;)

PS: from now on, I'm gonna use my renewed logo! XD Yeeeeh!

Tecnique used: pencil and ink."

"I just finished to colouring it! XD
(I used felt-tip pens)"
FantasyWorld01 (color)

mercoledì 3 gennaio 2018

Comfy & cute footrest.


"Lately I've noticed that I really needed a footrest in order to feel comfortable at my desk, so I've decided to made my very own one. ^_^
My boyfriend recently found some tiny wood pallets that are very cute, so I had the idea of using one of these.
As first step I've draw the Unicorn with the pencil directly on the wood and then burned it with the pyrograph, following the previously drawed lines.
After finishing the Unicorn, I've done the written on both sides and as final step I covered everithing with a transparent paint by brush.
Now I can finally stay at my desk and drawing in full comfort! XD Yeeeh!
Hope that you like it! ^_^"