martedì 30 aprile 2013

Quick Sketch...


"A very quick sketch of Mushy-Mushy and Celery. ^_^
Techniques used: felt-tip pen and brush pen."

venerdì 26 aprile 2013

Helpful friends

Helpful friends01

"These are all the aides of Mushy-Mushy and friends.
In fact they are not just their friends, but also councilors and a very helpful hand if they're in trouble. ^_^
I drew them with pencil and ink and then colored with PC."

mercoledì 24 aprile 2013

Mushy-Mushy's World!

Mushy-Mushy's World01

"Now that all characters are set (well, at least till now! XD), I wanted to draw a picture with all of them in their enviroment. ^_^
This is Mushy-Mushy's world!!! XD
Techniques used: watercolor and coloured pencils."

martedì 16 aprile 2013

Mushy-Mushy's Little Brother!

Mushy-Mushy's Little Brother01

"This cute little mushroom is Mushy-Mushy's brother! He's name is Chummy-Chummy.
He still can't talk or walk straight but he really loves his older brother and likes to spend time with him.
The ladybug on his head is "Lucky" and she is also his nanny, who takes care of him wherever he goes. ^_^
As he's still so young, his head is not as red as Mushy-Mushy's, and in fact he has a dark orange colour.
He can't separate from his pacifier! Ihihihi! ^_^
Technique used: pencil and ink."

lunedì 15 aprile 2013

Mushy-Mushy's Friends!

Mushy-Mushy's Friends01

"These are Mushy-Mushy's Friends!!!
Oaky-Oaky is the oldest and wisest of all, Spory-Spory is his niece.
Tally-Tally is the tallest and Yummy-Yummy is the sweetest of all. ^_^
They are all good friends of Mushy-Mushy and, just like him, each of them has its own little friend. ^_^
"Fasty" the silverfish is Oaky-Oaky's friend, "Pretty" is Spory-Spory's butterfly.
"Jumpy" is Tally-Tally's cricket and "Leafy" is Yummy-Yummy's caterpillar.
Technique used: pencil and ink.
Hope that you like them all ^_^ !"

mercoledì 10 aprile 2013

Sitting on a branch...


"I drew this Pixie right next my Mushy-Mushy (of the previous post "Time to rest"), so now they are on the same cardboard. Ihihih! ^_^
I used pencil, watercolor and black pen."