domenica 25 novembre 2018

Kawaii Girl

Kawaii Girl

"I've challenged myself in doing something that I was totally sure to fail: drawing a Kawaii Girl.
I always loved how most of the kawaii girls that you can find on the internet were coloured and I wanted so bad being able to color like that too; so I've tried...
This is my very first try and I'm pretty amazed by myself because I like how she became! O_o Umbelievable!
So I think that I will try again in the future to improve my skill. ;)
Hope that you like her too! ^_^

Techniques used: ink & PC."

sabato 29 settembre 2018

Unicorn & Flowers


"I wanted to create an elegant illustration with a Unicorn (in my own personal style) so I started by drawing the mystical creature and then, on another sheet, I did the flowers.
With the use of a program for digital colouring, I merged the two draws and then colored the result. This is how it became.
Hope that you like it! ^_^

(you can find this design on my Zazzle shop! ^_^)

Tecniques used: ink and PC"

martedì 11 settembre 2018

Happy Meoween!

Happy Meoween!

"Recently I started to draw ideas in order to upload them then on Zazzle.
Since Halloween is getting closer, I thought of drawing something very traditional as a carved pumpkin and a black cat, but in a cute way.
Halloween doesn't  always have to be so frightening! ^_^
Hope that you like it! ^_^

Tecniques used: colored pencils, watercolors and PC."

venerdì 17 agosto 2018

The unlucky hunt

Nature Frame01

"I always liked to write simple nursery rhymes about animals (real or fantastic).
I started when I notice that is more rewarding to illustrate something invented on my own, than some character or story already existing. ^_^
The ideas come from everyday events, just like seeing a little jumping spider on the window glass (like in this case). Cute! <3

Tecniques used: ink & PC"

Sweet & Cute Dragon


"I wanted a cute character for a new collection of objects to upload on Zazzle.
In the beginning he came out as a doodle on a piece of sheet, then I drew this one coloring it by PC.
Sweet & cute! Find him on my Zazzle shop! ;)

Tecniques used: pen and PC."

giovedì 12 luglio 2018

Fairy with flower

Fatina con fiore01

"I admit that she came out from nowhere... I simply put the pencil tip on the sheet and she appeared from herself! XD I couldn't do anything else than color her! Ahahah!

Technique used: ink and PC"

lunedì 9 luglio 2018

Too good for you

Princess Unicorn

"I wanted to create a cute and funny t-shirt design with an Unicorn for girls, so the idea to make her a princess came out.
After that, I tought to make her a bit haughty and the sentence "Too good for you" came along.
I still find her cute, even if she's a spoiled brat! XD AHAHAHA!

(You can find this design on my "Fantasilly" shop on Zazzle! ^_^)

Tecnique used: pencil and ink."

martedì 26 giugno 2018

Angry Wyvern!

Angry Wyvern01

"Nowadays nobody (except those who playing RPG) knows the real difference between a Dragon ad a Wyvern, so I imagined a Wyvern who gets upset when somebody call it "dragon". XD Ahahaha!
It's so (deadly) cuuute!!! <3
Tecnique used: ink and PC."

venerdì 22 giugno 2018



"Finally Oberon has his bride by his side! ^_^
As I said in Oberon's post, I really love these characters! <3
I wanted to make them as similar as possible (in words of picture's structure) and in the end, she became like this. I think that they suit each other! Ihihih! ^_^
Tecnique used: pencil and ink."

domenica 17 giugno 2018

Crystal Unicorn

Crystal Unicorn01

"I just can't stop drawing Unicorns! HAHA! XD
This time I wanted to set one in a Winter environment, so I decided to put it in a hellebores frame and give him horn and clogs made by crystal/ice. ^_^
Tecniques used: pencil and ink."

mercoledì 13 giugno 2018



"I actually created these little guys a long, long time ago when I was still attending the Academy.
It was during a Workshop with the illustrator Henriette Sauvant, where she asked us to represent our "Secret Garden". ^_^ A very beautiful experience!
So this tiny creatures were born, but they didn't had a name right away.
A few days ago I drew this picture and the name came in my mind right after finish it. It's a very obvious name (it's a mix of the name Narvalo - "Narwhal" in English - and Colibrì - wich means "Hummingbird"), but it sounded so cute! IHIHIHI! ^_^
Tecniques used: ink and PC"

martedì 12 giugno 2018

Favourite Reality

Fairy with book01

"Here is another t-shirt design posted on Qwertee.
I wanted to make a contrast between the sentence and the image: in fact we (as humans) many times say that life in books is much better because of the adventure, the magic and the marvelous worlds they can bring you in.
But, what happens when is a fairy that says that? ^_^
This is a way to say that nobody is ever happy of what they already have. ^_^' ehehe!
Tecniques used: ink & PC."

domenica 10 giugno 2018



"I fell in love with the characters of Oberon and Titania from the first time that i read A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare: first because they are king and queen of fairies, second because they behave like a real married couple by arguing just to make up again short after. I think that they're really lovely! ^__^
This is how I imagined Oberon.
Tecnique used: pencil and ink.""

mercoledì 6 giugno 2018

Kitchen's beware sign

Cookie Monster01

"I drew this cutie because I was hungry of biscuits (that sadly I didn't had in the cupboard! -__- SOB!). IHIHIHI! ^_^
I imagined that some little sneaky creature could be living in our home (in this case, in the kitchen!) and steal us food and sweets! Awwww! >_<  <3
So I had the idea to create a sign of beware and I hang it in my kitchen! XD AHAHAH! It's fun! ^_^
Tecniques used: colored pencils and ink."

lunedì 4 giugno 2018

The Jade Vine maiden

Jade Vine Maiden01

"I recently found on internet the existence of a stunning and rare flower called Jade Vine.
As I saw the picture of it, an idea popped into my head and so this illustration was born. ^_^
It took me almost a week to finish it also because it's pretty big for my standard (45x15cm - I tend to work on waaay smaller canvas!) and also because of my usual fear of ruin everything! AHAHAH! XD
Hope that you appreciate it! ^_^

Technique used: colored pencils & PC."

martedì 15 maggio 2018

Cute Honey Pot Design!

Vasetto di Miele01

"Here's another design added on Qwertee:
This is the fourth design that I made (the third one is pretty gloomy, so I didn't posted it).
This time, I wanted to make something cute and sweet! IHIHIHHI! ^_^
Tecniques used: ink and PC."

martedì 8 maggio 2018

Be Cool!


"I recently started to create my own designs for t-shirts and upload them on the website "Qwertee". My very first drawing was the unicorn that you can see in my post "Summer is in the air...", this is my second one.
I wanted to do something funny and perfect for the summer... What do you think? Is it "cool" enough?

Tecniques used: pencil and PC."

mercoledì 18 aprile 2018

Another fantasy footrest.

Draghetto e Uccellini01 

"I designed this footrest right after finishing the first one, but for some reasons I never had the time to actually make it.
Now that I've finally completed it, I'm really happy of how it became, even if a bit sorry that the dragon isn't so fluffy as the birds. I had, in fact, some issues with the wood that, right in the spot where I drew the dragon, was a bit harder than the rest and full of wood grains.... -__-.
Next time I'll check the wood better before starting a project!
Well, as they say, you learn by making mistakes! :P

Tecnique used: pyrography"

venerdì 26 gennaio 2018

Colouring illustration!


"Lately I had the chance to hear again two of my best friends in High School. It took me back to those nostalgic! ;(
It remembered me the days where I used to draw every sort of fantasy creatures and then they colored them for me. I had so much fun!!! ^_^
I notice that nowadays adult colouring books are pretty popular, so I decided to try to create an image that could be fun to color! :D
If anyone is interested, just save the image and have fun to color it!
I'd love to see the result! ;)

PS: from now on, I'm gonna use my renewed logo! XD Yeeeeh!

Tecnique used: pencil and ink."

"I just finished to colouring it! XD
(I used felt-tip pens)"
FantasyWorld01 (color)

mercoledì 3 gennaio 2018

Comfy & cute footrest.


"Lately I've noticed that I really needed a footrest in order to feel comfortable at my desk, so I've decided to made my very own one. ^_^
My boyfriend recently found some tiny wood pallets that are very cute, so I had the idea of using one of these.
As first step I've draw the Unicorn with the pencil directly on the wood and then burned it with the pyrograph, following the previously drawed lines.
After finishing the Unicorn, I've done the written on both sides and as final step I covered everithing with a transparent paint by brush.
Now I can finally stay at my desk and drawing in full comfort! XD Yeeeh!
Hope that you like it! ^_^"