lunedì 17 giugno 2013

Queen Lumena

Queen Lumena01

"Queen Lumena (whose first name was Blassy-Blassy, before being queen), is the guide of all the mushrooms of the forest.
She is Spory-Spory's older sister and has the duty to keep peace in her kingdom. She's also a mentor and likes to hear others problems and doubts in order to help who's in trouble.
Queen Lumena is a very gentle soul and loves every single living being, first of all her little sister Spory-Spory.
She has as aide a white moth named Luxy.

P.S. Every mushroom can make arms appear but most of them don't use them so much, so they make them appear only when they really need them.
Queen Lumena is the one who is used to keep them always. ^_^ "