martedì 26 dicembre 2017

Magical Christmas!

Unicorno Natalizio

"I wish you all a magical Christmas (even if in delay) and that your holidays can be as joyful as ever! May your 2018 be a lucky year full of happiness and love! ^_^"

venerdì 13 ottobre 2017

The Hermit and the Fairy

The Hermit of the Mossy Swamp
"Here I introduce two new characters in Mushy-Mushy's world:
the first is the Hermit of the Mossy Swamp and the second the Fairy of the Fireflies Pond.

The Mossy Swamp is set in the east side of the Spore Forest (where Mushy-Mushy lives) and the Fireflies Pond on the west side of it.

The Hermit is a lonely fellow whose only friend is a Roly-poly bug named Shieldy. Nobody knows what kind of creature hides beneath that cloak, and nobody wants to really know it. IHIHIH! ^_^  He can clearly see through the darkness and his eyes sparkle of an icy light blue. He isn't a bad creature, but he loves to play pranks to whoever is so unlucky to approach his swamp. And when it happens he laughs like crazy showing his white smile made by several sharp teeth. A bit creepy actually. ^_^'
The Fairy of the Fireflies Pond

The Fairy is also known as the Indigo Witch and everybody knows that she is a very good and wise creature, but also so hard to find.
It is told that she has hundreds of years and that once was a pixie enchantress. How she became a snail is still a mystery. Because of her being a snail, she talks and walks very slowly but she doesn't leaves slime to her passage! Ahahah! XD
She is blind, but she says that she can see through her mind.
The pond where she lives is a quite spot hidden in a faraway place surrounded by rocks that shine like diamonds under the fireflies glows.
Her aide is, of course, a firefly named Glowy.

Hope that you like them! ^_^

Tecnique used: ink and PC."

mercoledì 23 agosto 2017

Once upon a time...


"Yesterday I was meant to do some illustrations for the next Bologna children's book fair so I took my coloured pencils and started... but while I was drawing, my mind started to sail away (as most of the time) and took me into a fairy forest.
So, at the end, this little dragon came out. ^_^' Eheheh!
In the original drawing, it was full of color but while I was adjusting it by PC, I accidentally put it in gray scale, and I liked it very much! *__*
I started then to add things, like the parchment (that I took on the web) and the phrase, leaving only a little trace of colors.
This is the result. ^_^

Tecniques used: colored pencils & PC."

giovedì 13 luglio 2017

Unicorns & Seasons

Unicorni e Stagioni
"The theme of the four seasons is recurrent in my works.
It's wonderful and amazing how much things change in just 365 days... ^_^
Each and every season has something marvellous to display that's why I like it so much to represent them in my drawings.

(I took the fur's patterns of every unicorn in the Internet. ^_^)

Tecniques used: ink & PC"

giovedì 29 giugno 2017

Summer is in the air...


"I tried to give to this Unicorn an aura of shyness and kindness by giving her a cute expression with her blushing cheeks and her long eyelashes.
I also wanted to celebrate Summer using warm colors. ^_^ IHIHIH!
I thought of a pajama with this image on (you can see the prototype below).... I really want it! *__*
Prototipo Pigiama Unicorno01
(PS: I found the Pattern that decorate the pajama on internet years ago... don't remember where, though! :P)
Hope that you like it! ;)
Tecniques used: ink & PC"

mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

Mushrooms and glow...

Cavallino alato01

" In the wake of "winged horses and unicorns", here you find another little one who is relaxing on a mushroom, watching moths and fireflies dancing in the dark.
I tried to give a magical atmosphere with strange plants and lots of glows. ^_^

Techniques used: ink & PC"

"I recently tried to use also this work for a pair of Sneakers... Simply Magical! HIHIHIHI! ^_^"


martedì 27 giugno 2017

Pattern and personal ideas! ^_^

"As I said in the previous post, I would love to create objects that have my unicorns and winged horses on them.
For this reason, I designed a pattern with all of this cute creatures in a chaotic way. Of course I'll probably make more patterns, this is only the beginning! ;)

So, I thought: how about imagine a pair of "Converse" (of course I took the image of "Converse" in the internet) with this pattern, for examples? Would you buy something like this?  I'd love to!!! ^_^ <3
Tecnique used: PC."

Unicorn sneaker01

Unicorn sneaker02

Colorful Unicorns & Winged Horses

Unicorni e Cavallini alati01

"In the last weeks I only drew Unicorns and winged horses of every type and color in a simple - and cute! *__* - way...
It all happened because my sister told me that she wanted to celebrate her daughter's birthday using Unicorns as party theme, and asked if I was able to help her with the decorations...
...So, I started by drawing some few tiny Unicorns and then I continued with the winged horses.
... Now I like them so much that I would love to make a collections of objects and clothes (first of all pajamas.... because I really have a thing for pajamas! XD) about them! This would be a dream! <3
These are the main type that I drew so far... As you can see their wings are of different type of animals and insects.
Drawing them is so fun! :D

Tecniques used: ink and PC"

venerdì 2 giugno 2017

Puppies in the garden

Cane e Gatto01
"I drew those two by taking the hint from my current dog and my former cat, imagining them as puppies.
I'm going to turn them into two little painting to hang on my kitchen wall...well, this was the first idea... I still don't know if I'm really going to do so! :P EHEHE!

Tecniques used: colored pencils & watercolors."

sabato 18 marzo 2017

Passionflower's Fairy-Dragon


"I thought that it would be nice to make a series of painting about Fairy-Dragons and Flowers.
So, after the Roses, I decide to draw one of my favorite flowers: the Passionflower.
Since Passionflowers have a very exotic appearance, I imagined that their Fairy-Dragons (who are also their guardians and caretakers), should camouflaging like many exotic animal are used to, in order to survive. ^_^
It took me about 7 hours to finish it.
I can't wait to draw another Fairy-Dragon... I only need to decide which flower should I chose...Uhm.... It's hard! XD

Tacniques used: colored pencils, watercolors and poster paint on canvas."

lunedì 13 marzo 2017

The Lazy Bee

L'ape pigra01

"Now that the illustrators that will be exposed in this year's gallery at the Children's book fair in Bologna are chosen (and - of course - I'm sadly not one of them), I can show one of the 5 illustrations that I sent, here on my blog. ^_^
I'll post my favorite: the snake and the bee.
The theme is taken from one of Horacio Quiroga's tales described in the book South American Jungle Tales, in particular The lazy bee.
It took me several hours to finish it, because I used a very slow tecnique, which is engraving on cardboard.
All the white parts that you can see in fact, are in reality a hole on the cardboard.
Even if I wasn't chosen, I'm still happy because I had fun to do my illustrations, so I'm proud that I have tried my best. EHEHEH!

Tecnique used: engraving on black cardboard."

venerdì 10 febbraio 2017

Roses Fairy-Dragon

"In the last weeks I found myself drawing cute dragons everywhere! (Well, actually I TRY to make them cute... ^_^' eheheh!).
This time I tried to represent a Fairy-Dragon (so a simple dragon but with butterfly wings).
I decided to draw it in a rose garden because I'm not so good in draw roses (they usually seem like a bunch of savoy cabbages! BUAHAHAHAHAH!  Dreadful! XD), so it was also an excuse to improve. ^_^
It took me 2 days to finish it, but it was quite fun to colour it!

Tecnique used: watercolors, coloured pencils and poster paint on canvas."

giovedì 26 gennaio 2017

Sitting Fairy

"I started by drawing a simple girl, but as usual she became a fairy! IHIHIH XD
I wanted to give her an appearance of shyness through her posture and the look in her eyes, moreover I find her big ears, eyes and feet kinda cute!  ^_^
( I also wanted to try a little bit of prospective, which is one of my weakness ç_ç... I'm still trying to improve my skills! So please, be gentle...IHIHIHI! ^_^)
Tecnique used: pencil."

mercoledì 25 gennaio 2017

Chubby Little Dragon


"I wanted to draw something cute, something that I would love to have waiting for me at home while wagging its tail... IHIHIHI! ^_^
I'm delusional as always! AHAHAHAH! XD
Hope that you adore it (as much as I do!) ! ;)

Tecniques used: pencil, coloured pencils and PC"