domenica 24 novembre 2013

Penguin's sweatshirt


"I drew this cute penguin's puppy some times ago. Now that it started to be cold outside, it's time to let him coming out! IHIHIH! ^_^

My first idea was to draw something to put on a sweatshirt, so I decided to represent something about cold or winter and then, suddendly, this penguin popped out! XD ahahah!

The first picture is my drawing (made by pencil, ink and PC) and the second the prototipe of the sweatshirt that I would like to make. ^_^

Note: the sweatshirt that I took as sample is a Bench's sweatshirt and I found it looking in the internet. ^_^ It seems so cozy!!! XD" 
Penguin's sweatshirt prototype01