venerdì 13 ottobre 2017

The Hermit and the Fairy

The Hermit of the Mossy Swamp
"Here I introduce two new characters in Mushy-Mushy's world:
the first is the Hermit of the Mossy Swamp and the second the Fairy of the Fireflies Pond.

The Mossy Swamp is set in the east side of the Spore Forest (where Mushy-Mushy lives) and the Fireflies Pond on the west side of it.

The Hermit is a lonely fellow whose only friend is a Roly-poly bug named Shieldy. Nobody knows what kind of creature hides beneath that cloak, and nobody wants to really know it. IHIHIH! ^_^  He can clearly see through the darkness and his eyes sparkle of an icy light blue. He isn't a bad creature, but he loves to play pranks to whoever is so unlucky to approach his swamp. And when it happens he laughs like crazy showing his white smile made by several sharp teeth. A bit creepy actually. ^_^'
The Fairy of the Fireflies Pond

The Fairy is also known as the Indigo Witch and everybody knows that she is a very good and wise creature, but also so hard to find.
It is told that she has hundreds of years and that once was a pixie enchantress. How she became a snail is still a mystery. Because of her being a snail, she talks and walks very slowly but she doesn't leaves slime to her passage! Ahahah! XD
She is blind, but she says that she can see through her mind.
The pond where she lives is a quite spot hidden in a faraway place surrounded by rocks that shine like diamonds under the fireflies glows.
Her aide is, of course, a firefly named Glowy.

Hope that you like them! ^_^

Tecnique used: ink and PC."