mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

More Fantasy Cuties!

Cute Fantasy Characters02

"As I told in the last post, I drew other cute fantasy characters. ^_^
This time the first was the gryphon, then the manticore, the hippocampus and in the end the Minotaurus. I really like to think how these creatures should be by puppies. IHIHHI!!! ^_^
Tecniques used: pencil and ink."

lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Cute Fantasy Creatures

Cute Fantasy Creatures01

"A few days ago I had the need to draw something cute! XD AHAHAH! (I have such strange needs!)
Pencil in my hand, the little unicorn came out followed by the flying horse, then the dragon and finally the phoenix. ^_^
I found them so cute that I decided to draw some more fantasy creatures in this way! So, probably in my next posts, you may find them! ;) Ihihihih!
I want also color them one day... If I have the time... XD AHAHAH!
Tecniques used: pencil and ink."