venerdì 29 marzo 2013

Reading goose

Copertina Gioco dell'Oca Lettrice01

"In my last year of Academy, I participated to a project that was called "Gioco dell'Oca Lettrice". Everybody had to think about a design for the cover for the box of the game and I chose to make it in Art Noveau style.
So, I drew a goose that is reading a fairytale book to her babies. ^_^ eheh!
I used the technique of etching on acetate, coloring it by PC. "

mercoledì 20 marzo 2013

Lòmea Hiswe

Lòmea Hiswe01

"Her name is Lòmea Hiswe (that in Quenya, the language of Elves means "Twilight Fog") and she is my character in a role-playing game that I'm playing with my boyfriend, my sister and her husband and my friends. ^_^
She is a half-elf that was cursed by someone that she still doesn't know, and his searching is the reason why she is travelling.
She also wants to get back to normal, in order to go back to her forest where she was living as priestess.
Now that she is cursed, she is almost tall 1,80m and has many powers deriving by the wolf. ^_^
She is ashamed of her aspect and so she tries everytime to cover as much as possible herself when she is sorrounded by many people.
She is a great warrior and also a good magician, she can talk to animal and hear thing from an high distance.
The more I go on with the RPG, the more her personality grows and gets deeper.
I really love playing RPG because is a game based on imagination and everything is possible! *_*
Technique used: colored pencils and ink."

martedì 19 marzo 2013

San Lorenzo's night

Notte di San Lorenzo01

Notte di San Lorenzo02
"During a workshop with the illustrator Maja, she gave us the task to think of 12 illustrations for a calendar that were part of a bigger illustration. The difficult was that each and every illustration had to represent something to his own.
So, at the end, everyone had 12 "stories" that were part of a bigger story. ^_^
It was sooo exciting!!! XD
I had the idea to show what really happen during the 10th of August, "St. Lorenzo's night".
As every italian knows, St. Lorenzo's night is the night of the shooting stars.
In my illustration the stars are falling some of them hitting the floor, some other on the trees and one is also helped by a bat! XD ahahah!
The funny thing is that people don't notice it. ^_^
The black and white picture is the project in total and i used ink.
For the coloured illustration, I used pencils."

sabato 16 marzo 2013

Looking for me?


"Mushy-Mushy was resting again with his friend Celery, when suddenly someone called him. ^_^ Ihihih!
I used for this drawing pencil, ink and PC."

venerdì 15 marzo 2013

Summer sunlight

Spirit of the forest01

"This fast sketch represent a tiny spirit of the forest, who's taking shelter under a four-leaf clover, from the strong summer sunlight. It is a good spirit, the one who take care of animals and plants. ^_^
I drew it using pencil and ink."

giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Life among blades of grass


"This is another Silhouette of my book. Here I chose to just describe what is surrounding the main character. ^_^
Technique used ink and PC."

Playing with shadows...


"In my latest post I said that almost all the illustrations of my thesis project were on canvas and coloured with watercolor and pencils...
This because there are also some Silhouette in shades of green that help to understand the story, but making the reading more fluid.
I used black ink on paper and, using the PC, I turned the black color into green, and made some levels to get the illusion of depth. ^_^"

mercoledì 13 marzo 2013

Clumsy snail...


"She actually is a side character of my story, but everybody fell in love with her cute glance. Ihihih! ^_^
She is one of the "troubles" that I was talking about in the previuos post, even if she was only searching for some tasty leaf ! XD ahahah!
Also this, as the first illustration, is made on canvas, coloured with watercolor and pencils."

My Thesis project


"As yesterday I finally did my thesis, I can now show the illustrations of my project. ^_^
This in particular is the first one.
The story is about a little pixie that wants to know how to be an adult, so he decide to begin a journey to find it out without anybody's help.
During this journey, he meet someone very special that wants to stand by his side and also so many troubles to go through! XD
I used watercolor and coloured pencils on canvas for almost all illustrations of the book."

lunedì 11 marzo 2013

Cute puppy!

Sleeping Puppy01

"I drew this little puppy using a picture of my sister's dog (that is a Cocker Spaniel) as hint. He is sooo adorable !!! *_* I Love him so much!
The technique I used is coloured pencils."

giovedì 7 marzo 2013

Holy night

"Last Christmas I decided to send to all my friends and relatives a Christmas card made by me. ^_^
I drew an angel in the snow surrounded by animals with a candle in her hand.
I did it using ink, watercolor and finished by PC.
Is it Christmassy enough? ihihihi! ^_^"

martedì 5 marzo 2013

Time to rest...

Mushy-Mushy & Celery03

"Mushy-Mushy is always in my mind! XD
Actually this picture was born as a doodle made on a cardboard on my desk that I use as mousepad. I did it with a simple black pen. As my boyfriend saw it, he said that it was cute and that I had to put it in my blog.
So I decided to coloring it and, as the cardboard was really thick, I chose watercolors. ^_^"

lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Lucky Donkey

Little Donkey01

"I drew this cute donkey for my sister's birthday card. I chose this animal because she loves it so much that has a collection of peluches and little statues of it. ^_^
I also took inspiration by My Little Pony, putting on his leg a symbol (a four-leaf clover) in order to bring her luck. eheh! ^_^
I used ink and coloured by PC."