mercoledì 7 agosto 2013

Three brand new characters!

Mushy-Mushy's Friends02

"Mushy-Mushy's world is becoming bigger and bigger! XD
These three new characters are "Flowy-Flowy", which is Oaky-Oaky's wife; "King Saltus" (or "Walny-Walny") that obviously is Queen Lumena's husband; and "Glancy-Glancy", that is Mushy-Mushy's girlfriend. ^_^

Flowy-Flowy has a bee as aide named "Worky", King Saltus a little jumping spider named "Quicky" and Glancy-Glancy an ant, named "Crumby".

Flowy-Flowy is a good old lady that loves taking care of her little garden and of her husband. She also is the healer of all the forest and heals animals, plants and mushrooms. ^_^

King Saltus is a very calm and gentle king. He loves his wife as nobody else in the world (the same is for Queen Lumena, of course! ), and cares of his people. He's strong, brave and wise, as a good king should be. ^_^

Glancy-Glancy is a shy and reserved little girl-mushroom that finds in Mushy-Mushy, from the very first time that they met, her soulmate. She doesn't speak much in public, but she's always there if Mushy-Mushy needs help. ^_^

So, this is a short summary of these new characters's personality... Hope that you like them all! XD"

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