lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Funky Field Mice!

I Topini di Campagna01

"I first want to say that this picture isn't a way to make fun of someone, in this case a very popular Italian pop band called "I Cugini di Campagna".
The idea of making this drawing is born by the fact that the word "cugini" makes rime with "topini", and also because "topo di campagna" it's the italian way to say "field mouse". So "Topini di campagna" is the italian for "Little field mice". ^_^
I thought that it can be a cute way to make a tribute to this band (that my mom loved, expecially for the song "Anima mia") but I want to apologise to them and to all their fans if this picture makes them angry or disappointed. ^_^
Tecniques used: ink & PC."

giovedì 4 luglio 2013

Cheese Elephant!

Cheese Elephant01

"Looking on the internet I just found, with my surprise, this website:

Two years ago, I participated at a contest where you had to design a coloured elephant. It was organized by the city of Milan where lots of elephant statues (in real sizes!) were placed all over the city streets. ^_^ It was fun!
My design was not chosen, but I was already happy to draw my very special Elephant! XD
They also asked to write a short sentence to describe your work. Mine was: "What if Annibal had marched through Switzerland?"
This is why I drew a Cheese Elephant (full of little mice)! Ahahaha! XD
I'll post all the 4 pictures so that you can see the entire work. Hope that you like it! ^_^
Tecnique used: felt-tip pen and PC."

martedì 2 luglio 2013

Swimming with a Mermaid...

Mushy-Mushy, Celery and the Mermaid

"This time Mushy Mushy finds himself under the sea guided by a Mermaid. Is he searching for someone in trouble or is he only enjoying a dive in the deep blue sea? Who knows! ^_^
Tecniques used: pencil and PC."