mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Sleep Sleep, little Pixie...

Baby Pixie01

"One day a classmate of mine, told me and the other girls of the group that she was pregnant. We were all so excited! XD
So we decided to make her a little present for her baby, which was a cute pijiama and a congratulations card with an illustration made by each of us.
This in particular was my illustration. I made a baby dressed like a pixie on a red leaf that is sleeping. ^_^ eheh! If I remember well, I chose to put it in an Autumn atmosphere, because the baby should have born in that season... ^_^ eheh.
I used ink and I coloured it by PC."

lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

The guardian of winter


"Every year there is a tiny robin that flies in my garden and his presence tells me that winter has arrived.
Almost every day I feed him with some crumb of bread that I usually leave on my balcony and, when I turn around to go back inside the house, he flies over the bread and starts to eat.
When I look back at him, he's watching me with his little round black eyes, just like he wants to say "Thank's a lot!".
 I think that Spring is coming soon because I don't see him for days... I hope to see him next year too. ^_^
This is him in watercolor and coloured pencils."

Cervus ad fontem

Deer in trouble01

"One day the professor asked the class to do five illustrations of a book that we wanted.
At that time I was reading Fedro's fables, so I decided to work on it.
One of the stories that I chose was the one of The deer at the fount because it teaches you to appreciate more also your defects because one day they could be useful.
To give to the illustrations an "aurea of oldness" (as I call it), I chose to make them seem like they where made by etching, but actually I used a normal ink with a nib. ^_^ eheh!"

martedì 19 febbraio 2013

Pixie's working day


"The thing that I always loved about pixie's stories was that, in the illustrations, they were always smiling at work.
It seems like they're having fun for just doing something toghether! ^_^
I wanted to convey the same atmosphere of joy and peace that this stories always made me feel while reading.
Technique used: ink and watercolor. "

Icarus and the Labyrinth

Icarus and Labyrinth01
"For my first Thesis I chose to illustrate a book that I really appreciate because of its surreal backgrounds and, first of all, because it was about a labyrinth, the main theme of my project.
The book's title is Der Spiegel im Spiegel written by the german Michael Ende (one of my favorite writers ever!).
This in particular is the cover of the book, where I chose to describe one of the most famous labyrinth in the history: the one of the legend of Icarus.
It was a very hard job, but I like it very much because this book gives you a lot of inspirations! ^_^
In this work I used coloured pencils, felt-tip pen and PC."

lunedì 18 febbraio 2013



"I drew this cute couple of dachshunds because my sister in law asked me to do a birthday postcard for her father.
These in fact were his beloved dogs; so she gave me a picture of them in order to allow me of taking hint from it. The technique I used is coloured pencils."

mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013


"As everybody can see, I love Fantasy and, most of all, stories about fairies and pixies.
Since I was a child, parents and relatives were used to buy me illustrated books full of colourful pictures about "the little people" and all the animals of the forest.
This is the reason why I started to draw this kind of characters and topic.
In this picture you can see how I imagine pixies: little kids with green skin that likes to laugh and play. ^_^
My thesis book is based on the adventures of one of this pixies. But I'll post it later... ehehe! XD
This pictures is done with ink and watercolor."

lunedì 4 febbraio 2013

Same Characters, different technique.

Mushy-Mushy & Celery02
"Today I want to show a different way to represent Mushy-Mushy.
In this version I first used the technique of etching on zinc, and then I colored it with watercolor and pencils.
It's a bit more complicated and a bit more detailed than the first one.
Which one is the cutest? ^_^ "

domenica 3 febbraio 2013

Mushy-Mushy & Celery

Ilaria Del Bianco - Pc drawing - Mushy-Mushy Mushroom
Mushy-Mushy & Celery

"Hello everybody! This is the very first post on my blog, so I want to use it to present one of my works. The little mushroom (that you can also see on the top of this page) is called "Mushy - Mushy" and the little snail on the top of his head is "Celery", his best friend (it's a female).
This is the first drawing that I've ever done about them. Hope that you like it!
I took his name not only from the English word "mushroom" but also from the sound of the words that Japanese people use when they answer the telephone. Which I found very cute! Ihihihi!
This work is done by ink and PC. "