lunedì 16 settembre 2013

First met...


"This time my inspiration was born by the need: in fact I'm searching for a new mug for my tea in the cold winter's nights. ^_^
I really like mugs where the picture are as sketches on paper so I decided to put Mushy-Mushy and Celery first met, using this kind of tecnique. ^_^
As the post before, the prototype is in the image below.
I want it!!! XD "

"First met" Mug01

martedì 10 settembre 2013

Best friends!


"I'm thinking to make my own Mushy-Mushy T-Shirt, so I decided to draw something cute! ^_^
The image below is the prototype of the T-shirt that I would like to do.
How do you find it?! ^_^
Aren't they cute?! They really love each other!!! XD
Tecniques used: ink and PC."
T-Shirt prototype01