martedì 14 ottobre 2014

Basket of nature

Basket of Nature01

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe that the last time that I wrote a Post was 5 month ago! >_<
Actually I was sooo busy that I didn't have the chance to notice it... ehehe!  ^__^'
Well, I now post the very last thing that I've done, that is a wood squared basket that I've decorated for my boyfriend's mother (pyrography).

On each side I draw different animal and plants, as you can see on the picture:

1) Butterfly and pansy
2) Bees and mallow
3) Ladybugs and clovers
4) Snails and  trefoils

I chose natural images because the basket was very simple and somehow rustic.

Hope that you like it! ^_^"

mercoledì 14 maggio 2014

Welcome wood plate

Targhetta pirografo01

" I made this plate in order to put it on the entrance of my future home. ^_^
I bought the wood plate on a website of hobbies and bricolage and then I draw the birds on a cherry branch (and "Welcome", of course ) using pyrography.
Then I covered all with a special paint for wood, in order to protect it from rain ecc.
I can't wait to see it on my home's wall! XD
Hope, as always. that you like it! ^_^ "

mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

Season of memories

Art Nouveau Frame01

"Last week, talking to my father about the nice weather, he started to say aloud a doggerel about the months of the year that his father was used to recite.
He was a bit disappointed because he couldn't remember it in full, so I decided to search for it on the internet, and I found it! ^_^
When I read it out loud for him, he was almost moved .
Seeing him like that, I promised him that I would have done a nice frame for that doggerel, so that he could always remember it.
Yesterday I worked all day to finish it in time, 'cause today is Father's day.
This is the result. ^_^

I took the hint for the natural frame from this image found on the internet:

Than I've personalised it putting other particulars all in a Art Nouveau style (that I love!).

I worked on a A3 sheet using pencil, ink and watercolors."

mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

Let's stay all together!


"A typical spring afternoon in Mushy-Mushy's world. ^_^
All the mushrooms like to stay togheter, chat, eat something and have fun sitting on the grass.
Sometimes also King Saltus and Queen Lumena like to take place to these pic-nics, also because most of the times Milky- Milky sneaks in it to stay with Chummy-Chummy! XD Ahahaha!
Tecniques used: ink and PC."

giovedì 13 febbraio 2014

Pine cone and fun!


"I drew this Mushy-Mushy while I was cooking! XD (Actually I was waiting that the cabbage was ready! IHIHIHHI!!!).
This is a drawing made only by pen, without the use of pencil and eraser: It's a little  miracle for me! XD (Because I usually use the eraser a lot! ^_^').
I wanted to draw Mushy-Mushy in a moment of happiness and fun, trying to imagine him when he is wandering into the forest. ^_^ 
I first drew him, than Celery and in the end the pine cone.
Hope that you like it! ^_^"


"Some time ago, I even coloured it by using a PC program ^_^"

mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

More Fantasy Cuties!

Cute Fantasy Characters02

"As I told in the last post, I drew other cute fantasy characters. ^_^
This time the first was the gryphon, then the manticore, the hippocampus and in the end the Minotaurus. I really like to think how these creatures should be by puppies. IHIHHI!!! ^_^
Tecniques used: pencil and ink."

lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Cute Fantasy Creatures

Cute Fantasy Creatures01

"A few days ago I had the need to draw something cute! XD AHAHAH! (I have such strange needs!)
Pencil in my hand, the little unicorn came out followed by the flying horse, then the dragon and finally the phoenix. ^_^
I found them so cute that I decided to draw some more fantasy creatures in this way! So, probably in my next posts, you may find them! ;) Ihihihih!
I want also color them one day... If I have the time... XD AHAHAH!
Tecniques used: pencil and ink."