sabato 29 settembre 2018

Unicorn & Flowers


"I wanted to create an elegant illustration with a Unicorn (in my own personal style) so I started by drawing the mystical creature and then, on another sheet, I did the flowers.
With the use of a program for digital colouring, I merged the two draws and then colored the result. This is how it became.
Hope that you like it! ^_^

(you can find this design on my Zazzle shop! ^_^)

Tecniques used: ink and PC"

martedì 11 settembre 2018

Happy Meoween!

Happy Meoween!

"Recently I started to draw ideas in order to upload them then on Zazzle.
Since Halloween is getting closer, I thought of drawing something very traditional as a carved pumpkin and a black cat, but in a cute way.
Halloween doesn't  always have to be so frightening! ^_^
Hope that you like it! ^_^

Tecniques used: colored pencils, watercolors and PC."