mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

Season of memories

Art Nouveau Frame01

"Last week, talking to my father about the nice weather, he started to say aloud a doggerel about the months of the year that his father was used to recite.
He was a bit disappointed because he couldn't remember it in full, so I decided to search for it on the internet, and I found it! ^_^
When I read it out loud for him, he was almost moved .
Seeing him like that, I promised him that I would have done a nice frame for that doggerel, so that he could always remember it.
Yesterday I worked all day to finish it in time, 'cause today is Father's day.
This is the result. ^_^

I took the hint for the natural frame from this image found on the internet:

Than I've personalised it putting other particulars all in a Art Nouveau style (that I love!).

I worked on a A3 sheet using pencil, ink and watercolors."

mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

Let's stay all together!


"A typical spring afternoon in Mushy-Mushy's world. ^_^
All the mushrooms like to stay togheter, chat, eat something and have fun sitting on the grass.
Sometimes also King Saltus and Queen Lumena like to take place to these pic-nics, also because most of the times Milky- Milky sneaks in it to stay with Chummy-Chummy! XD Ahahaha!
Tecniques used: ink and PC."