martedì 27 agosto 2013

Girls attack! XD

Mushy-Mushy's Friends03

 "I thought that there were too few girls in Mushy-Mushy's World. So I decided to draw also Chummy-Chummy and Yummy-Yummy's girlfriends. ;) IHIHIH!

Milky-Milky is Queen Lumena and King Saltus's daughter, so basically she's the princess. Her best friend is Chummy-Chummy of course! ^_^

Champy-Champy is a good mushroom girl that is in love with Yummy-Yummy and likes to cook for him. ^_^

Milky-Milky's aide is a emerald-green scarab named "Khepy" while Champy-Champy's aide is a centipedes named "Longy". ^_^"

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