lunedì 13 marzo 2017

The Lazy Bee

L'ape pigra01

"Now that the illustrators that will be exposed in this year's gallery at the Children's book fair in Bologna are chosen (and - of course - I'm sadly not one of them), I can show one of the 5 illustrations that I sent, here on my blog. ^_^
I'll post my favorite: the snake and the bee.
The theme is taken from one of Horacio Quiroga's tales described in the book South American Jungle Tales, in particular The lazy bee.
It took me several hours to finish it, because I used a very slow tecnique, which is engraving on cardboard.
All the white parts that you can see in fact, are in reality a hole on the cardboard.
Even if I wasn't chosen, I'm still happy because I had fun to do my illustrations, so I'm proud that I have tried my best. EHEHEH!

Tecnique used: engraving on black cardboard."

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