giovedì 4 luglio 2013

Cheese Elephant!

Cheese Elephant01

"Looking on the internet I just found, with my surprise, this website:

Two years ago, I participated at a contest where you had to design a coloured elephant. It was organized by the city of Milan where lots of elephant statues (in real sizes!) were placed all over the city streets. ^_^ It was fun!
My design was not chosen, but I was already happy to draw my very special Elephant! XD
They also asked to write a short sentence to describe your work. Mine was: "What if Annibal had marched through Switzerland?"
This is why I drew a Cheese Elephant (full of little mice)! Ahahaha! XD
I'll post all the 4 pictures so that you can see the entire work. Hope that you like it! ^_^
Tecnique used: felt-tip pen and PC."

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