mercoledì 20 marzo 2013

Lòmea Hiswe

Lòmea Hiswe01

"Her name is Lòmea Hiswe (that in Quenya, the language of Elves means "Twilight Fog") and she is my character in a role-playing game that I'm playing with my boyfriend, my sister and her husband and my friends. ^_^
She is a half-elf that was cursed by someone that she still doesn't know, and his searching is the reason why she is travelling.
She also wants to get back to normal, in order to go back to her forest where she was living as priestess.
Now that she is cursed, she is almost tall 1,80m and has many powers deriving by the wolf. ^_^
She is ashamed of her aspect and so she tries everytime to cover as much as possible herself when she is sorrounded by many people.
She is a great warrior and also a good magician, she can talk to animal and hear thing from an high distance.
The more I go on with the RPG, the more her personality grows and gets deeper.
I really love playing RPG because is a game based on imagination and everything is possible! *_*
Technique used: colored pencils and ink."

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